Prenatal Testing and Care

Noun embryo

CHD is often diagnosed before birth. During a pregnancy, physicians can do testing to learn about the condition, provide specialized care for the mother, and make a delivery plan that meets the baby’s needs.

What to Expect During a fetal echocardiogram

When you have this ultrasound test, the physician images your baby’s heart and the surrounding areas to see how the structures of the heart are developing.


If There’s a Problem With Your Baby’s Heart

After the physician reviews the fetal echocardiogram images, they will talk with you about the CHD diagnosis, how it can be treated, and the prognosis for the condition.


Common Prenatal and Genetic Tests

Testing is a routine part of care during pregnancy to see how the baby is growing and to monitor its health, and additional tests may be needed if there is a CHD diagnosis.


Planning Ahead for Delivery

The birth of a child with CHD often takes some extra planning with your care team.