Finding Your Way in a Medical World

Noun Health Care

It can be overwhelming when you are going to many physician’s offices, dealing with your insurance, and trying to figure out what’s next. Over time you will get more experience talking about your child’s CHD in medical language and learn what each medical professional does.

Understanding How Health Insurance Works

The cost of medical care is a practical and real issue, and families should learn more about their insurance coverage as soon as possible.


Learning the Different Types of Medical Professionals

Many medical professionals are involved in your family’s care during your pregnancy, after your child’s birth, and into their youth.


Building a Good Partnership With Your Care Team

Good partnerships with your care team are very important for managing a medical condition like CHD, and good communication is the foundation of any partnership.


Challenges for Families Who Don’t Speak English

Communicating with your care team can be challenging if there is a language barrier, but you can try different strategies and get support from a translator.